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Alexa Toolbar - A good help on the web

For many of us, life on the web is not complete without referring time and again to one or more toolbars

Surf Smartly

Internet is a place to find something ? be it Information, Money or Relaxation.

The Saga of the Annoying Adware

When we think of adware, what comes to mind are those annoying and pesky ads that pop up out of nowhere whenever we are surfing the net

Arming Yourself Against Spyware

While clicking from site to site on the internet you are likely to land yourself on a website that downloads spyware onto your computer system

How Identity Theft Occurs

Identity theft occurs in a variety of ways

What is Spyware?

The most frustrating part of having Spyware on your computer is the sheer feeling of helplessness that is invoked

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