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HTML: A Beginners Guide

By: Oliver George William Peck
Published: March 4, 2018     Updated: March 4, 2018

Title: HTML: A Beginners Guide

Author: Oliver Peck

Article: HTML, otherwise known as Hyper Text Mark-up Language, is the language of the internet. It can be used to create all kinds of web pages and designs but can be very complicated to understand. This article will explain the very basics of using HTML.

HTML is made up of tags, which are recognised by computers. The starting tag is always <html> and the end tag is </html>. In between goes everything else. Notice the / in the end tag, this signals the end of the html.

When writing text you can choose the alignment of the text by using <center>, <left> or <right> and again once the text is written you end with </center>, </left> and </right>. To choose font you use the following tag, <font face="verdana"> (or whatever face font you choose - Verdana is the most easily read on the internet). Then you would end with </font>.

If I were to write 'My name is Oliver' in html with a verdana font with a centre alignment I would write the following:

<html> <center><font face="verdana">My name is Oliver</font></center> </html>

Notice that the font end tag comes first and then the center end tag last.

Html doesn't understand the enter key, which would normally create a sentence on a new line. To do this you need the
tag. Anything you type after this will appear on the line below.

Hyperlinks are links that when you click on them will take you to another web page. These are very useful and are used widely on the internet. Hyperlinks appear blue and underlined on a web page.

Hyperlink tags are the following:

<a href="">Click HERE to visit</a>

This link would say "Click HERE to visit" and on clicking on it would take you to homepage. You can include any words you like such as "Click here" or "Visit Google". Any web URL can be placed in the tag also. Notice the end tag is simply </a> in this case.

You can also have links that allow people to email you directly from the click of a button. You could have something like "Click HERE to send me an email" or "Any questions, contact us HERE", or whatever you choose.

The tag in this case is this:

<a href="mailto:[email protected]">Click HERE to email me</a>

Again, notice the end tag is simply .

This article explains some of the very basics of html, enough to write a paragraph or two. When I first started to learn html I was very quickly confused and had no idea what I was doing! One product I highly recommend is One Hour HTML.

I used this software and I was completely blown away! Within one hour I went from not even knowing what html stood for to being able to write whole web pages and that is no joke!

This software is really that good and will have you writing in html within the hour!

To learn how to get this software copy and paste the following link into your browser and it will take you right there:

Thank you for reading this article and I hope it has been of some help.

Oliver Peck

Oliver Peck

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