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How to Make Backgrounds for Myspace

By: Brett Hull
Published: April 28, 2007     

Many people that owns myspace profiles have surely been visiting all these myspace resource sites trying to look for good backgrounds, but rarely have they found one good which they like. These people might have a photo or a drawed image that they want to implement in their profile. Sometimes, they also have a small image that they would like to use as a pattern. But they can't code themselfs.

So, what to do then? Well actually, you can easy add an image to a profile without any coding experience. It's funny that people don't know that they just can use a simple Myspace Background Generator which will do the job for them.

However, after using that generator. You will get a piece of code that you need to insert in your profile. But when you have finally done that and are looking on your profile, you might think: Hey, something is missing.

There's no transperancy. The image covers as a frame around the profile. But the background on the profile is still just white.

To make trasperancy, you must first decide; what should be transparant?

After you have decided which html-elemented that should be transperant, you might add this code inside the styletag: td, table, tr, span, li, p, div, textarea, DIV {background-color:transparent}

After you've done it, you will hopefully have a background image that fully cover your profile. If you aren't satisfied with the results, You might try to add and remove some elements until you're happy. Good Luck!

Brett Hull is a freelance journalist. He also collects myspace backgrounds and Myspace Icons.

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