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Topping the Keywords But without Website Visitors

By: VMT Singuillo
Published: December 8, 2005     

Some internet marketers and newbie webmasters complain that they are getting number 1 for their keywords from the search engines yet they don't have any visitors coming in to their sites. Are you one of them?

While it is true that keywords play a very important role in search engine optomization, indeed there are important guidelines on which keywords to use. Probably you thought that the important keyword or keywords for your site would be "swimming comet" or "running spoons". From those keywords, you worked hard to be able to land number 1 perhaps in Google, Yahoo, and MSN, but you wonder why your site still have no visitors.

Think about this carefully and analyze. Did you personally think that those keywords you used are the most important keywords for your site? Or did you make a research, which keywords are commonly used by web surfers to search for your product or service? The most important thing for you to consider is - it is not what you think is the best keywords but what keywords does the majority of searchers use.

Many tools are available out there to research the keywords that internet surfers commonly use. Even Overture offers one for free. This tool is the . Tools like this play a vital role in an internet marketers strategy.

Therefore, in the above example, if your site deals with a subject about "comets", simply enter the word "comet" in Overture's Keyword Selector tool. After which, several phrases are given by the tool which users commonly use. So intead, probably you might concentrate on phrases such as "halleys comet" or "blue comet". Since these phrases are popularly used, you could be assured that your site will appear among the listed sites have these keywords embedded in their sites. How to land to the first page of the list is of course another story.

Lesson: optimize your site for the popular keywords, not for keywords that you think is right.

VMT Singuillo is a freelance writer and has written articles about , , , and more.

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