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By: Mrinmoy Majumder
Published: July 29, 2005     

Internet is a place to find something ? be it Information, Money or Relaxation.

But it is not easy to find the desired,adequate and reliable information in a flash.

Suppose we need some information about soccer .What we do ?

We use some search engine.Most of search engines will give you thousand of results.Now you have to click the links .More than 60% among them will be irrelevant(you can get a link to a place named after D.Soccer)Then check whether it has the information you are searching.It takes nearly 15-20 min for an experienced net user and more than one hour for a novice to get the correct web page.

Even if you find a suitable web page you can not believe it..Is the information given in the site reliable ?

How can you find that the site is not a scam ?

Its nearly impossible for a novice to catch a scam/unreliable site.Experienced users can try .

Now scam sites generally has :-

1.They distribute hidden spy ware,multi pop ups or pop unders.
2.No 's' after http. Or no lock sign in your browser.
3.Huge amounts of animation

Even if they have s and doesn't distribute spy ware can not say the site is safe until you use it .A good site often turns to a worst one .Specially when they are expected to deliver.As for example :The 'surf 4 cash' sites.When you ask for payout they give you : no response.

Availability of the site is another concern.There are many sites which do not last.Due to lack of funds they vanishes.Suppose you bookmark a site.But when you need an information from that site say -the match result of the weekend EPL matches-you can not access the page.

There are some very good and reliable sites in net.Problem is you must use a site thoughtfully and for a long time to see whether its really good .Is it possible ?

So there are various link pages in the net which claims to l guide you to the most desired and faithful sites.But 'four of five' of those will lead you to yet another scam.So called experts can also lead you to scams.Actually they earn money for this.So they never test it.But they can also be cheated by those sites.

So who will you believe? How will you believe ?

There is some techniques .

1.First you have to clearly define your question.Suppose you need information about soccer.You must clearly define the type of information you want .Like; you want simple FAQ or News or Historical data .

2.You want to buy something or read or earn or download??

In summary ? you must define your desire clearly.

3.Now ask your friends about your question ? they will give you the address from which they have profited or they promote or the most popular ones.
But often these reduces to dumb scamss.Shorter and smarter way is ? if you are looking for....

1.FAQ ? go to encyclopedias,dictionary's
2.Books and Magazine ? Search for 'library' or 'collection' in any search engine.
3.Company ? go to Yellow pages
4.Products ? go to Yellow pages
5.Software ? search for 'full downloads' in any search engine .

4.If you want to earn something- first search for ?scams? then visit forums,chat rooms and try to find out the most common programs.

There are some sites that can help you in your search.

1. ? This site will ask you questions and guide you to your desired information.
2. ? Its manual search engine.You can ask real people.

Anyway always remember that you must use a web page throughly before coming to any conclusion.Dont believe in what other say,believe in your experience.

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